The workshops below are available as major keynote presentations, or can be presented in an abbreviated format as a workshop or breakout session within
a larger seminar or conference.
While not limited to any particular form, what follows is a starting point for possible workshop and seminars available
through Blessed Ministries. We are committed to working with individuals, churches and other groups to develop the
most effective events for each unique context.

Has God awakened you in the middle of the night for no reason?  Are your
thoughts often filled with visions of someone else?  Do you have a love and
compassion for others?  Are you an individual that perseveres?  Are you willing
to used by God to be an answer to a prayer?  The Intercessory Prayer Workshop
will help you to answer each of these questions as well as teach other dynamics
of being an effective intercessor in the Kingdom of God.

Have you ever wondered why strange, unexplainable events happen to you?  
Have you wondered about how the Spirit of God works in the lives of people to
heal, deliver, and set free?  Have you wanted to know about healing and
deliverance but was afraid to ask?  If you have power over the enemy to set
captives free, why is this power not manifesting in your life?  

This class explores these questions and many others.  The Word of God gives
us power and authority to perform the work of deliverance and healing but for
many reason we deny the power.  So, the question is on the table, is deliverance
a ministry for you?  Instructions are given and classes are taught on the reasons
the Body of Christ need deliverance as it relates to the bible and on how to
become effective Deliverance Workers within your church; Deliverance Worker
Care; and Deliverance Worker Safety. Also Includes instruction on being effective
Altar Workers.

This workshop offers teaching on the Healing ministry, with an emphasis on
how to pray for the sick and dismantle the religious roadblocks that stymie God’s
healing grace!

Learn how to use sign language and dance:

  • To bring glory to God.
  • To usher in the Holy Spirit through the dance.
  • Present ourselves holy and acceptable to God.
  • To lead God’s people into His presence through Praise & Worship in
    dance, flags, and sign.
  • To minister to the needs of God’s people

Sign Language for the Praise Dancer is slightly different from Sign Language for
the hearing impaired; we use our hands, body and facial gestures differently.
Most importantly some of the sign language is the same sign such as the sign
name, cry, praise, heaven, holy, etc. It is important for the dancer to learn sign
language and be creative when using it in the dance.

RISE UP MIGHTY WARRIOR!  This basic teaching will equip you for spiritual
battle so you can identify the enemy's tactics and strategies! You will learn how
to apply countermeasures and to exercise your God given authority so you can
effectively block his evil schemes and achieve victory!

Our desire is to build unity in the midst of diversity in our community. We
concentrate on the essentials of the Christian faith, and not denominational
distinction. Classes are attended by people from various backgrounds who
meet at a local host church for Bible study
“So those who have faith are BLESSED along with Abraham the man of faith.”  Galatians 3:9